Bro. Iginla Condemns Libya Slavery, Urges Youths To Stay Back In Nigeria

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Bro. Joshua Iginla has joined his voice with the global condemnation against alleged senseless killings and slavery of Africa migrants in Libya.
He described the development as man’s wickedness against another.
Speaking during church service in Abuja, Prophet Iginla decried the desperation of Nigeria nationals and other Africa countries trying to cross to Europe in search of greener pastures. He said it is a wrong notion to believe that there was a money making machine abroad where they flock to.
CNN published a report on how black migrants are being auctioned off for as little as $400 in night markets in Libya, drawing global reactions to the senseless killings in the African country.
“I have never seen this level of heartlessness, wickedness from one human being to another. I saw how young ladies were molested and I begin to wonder if the people doing these are human beings,” Iginla said.
“That is why in this ministry, we are doing our best to assist. It is really wicked to see how people price human beings like food. I pray that the government of the day will take cogent steps because there are a lot of poor brothers out there in pains.
“Please, like I always say to Nigerian youths, don’t be too desperate to relocate abroad that you now travel through the desert. Let me tell you, what you are going through here is better than what people are going through out there.”
Bro Iginla said he once nursed the idea of joining the bandwagon of fortune seekers abroad but God held him back.
According to him, “I said to myself that all the days of my life will I wait until my change comes before God lifted me up. I had taken that decision before to travel out by all means but God said to me that I should relax and that he would take me abroad as a glorified wealthy person just to add colour to what is there and that is what God has done for me.”

He said through the prayers of the faithful, and by the grace of God, those who are in the act of slavery business will be exposed by Heaven, and if they refuse to repent, death will visit them.
He pronounced curse on fellow Nigerians involved in human trafficking business whom he said were deceiving people into their wickedness, “God will also expose and bring them to judgment if they refuse to repent.”

The televangelist cum philanthropist advised Nigerian youths not to be in a hurry to travel abroad. “If you go abroad, you will labour, in fact, you will work harder than when you are in Nigeria. Our people who are there can testify to what I am saying.

“Nigerian laws are more human-friendly than those of other countries. I have never seen a law like Nigeria that is so friendly to the citizens unlike the foreign countries.

“My brethren, we are crying every day that Nigeria is bad; no, Nigeria is a good, blessed country and it will prosper,” he said.

He opined that where most people miss it is that they wait on the government for everything, adding that the best way to survive in Nigeria, for now, is entrepreneurship.“Don’t wait for the government because, in the next 30 years, they will continue to promise, create your Jerusalem yourself.

“Please don’t be in a hurry to travel out, let’s join hands together in prayers to make Nigeria better,”  he reiterated.

How Bro. Joshua Iginla predicted Mugabe’s resignation

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With his special gift of prophecy, Bro. Joshua Iginla has foretold a number of events which has come to pass. Of note was his prophetic bombshells released about the recent leadership crisis in Zimbabwe. The televangelist and philanthropist whose prophetic prowess, word impact, stunning deliverance ministration, diverse healings are second to none had predicted the crisis first during the church cross over service this year, again on the 14th of May and 2nd of July, 2017 during his church services. In his words, “One of the African country needs to pray against military intervention, I don’t want to say South, North, East or West Africa but one of the African countries should pray against military intervention so that their democracy will not be truncated’. “I see military intervention. I don’t know why they are intervening but what they are intervening for is between God and the future. “This country has to pray so they don’t go back to where they are coming from”. Recall, on 14th November, 2017, Zimbabwe’s military leaders seized control of the impoverished Southern African nation, placing longtime leader, Robert Mugabe under house arrest and deploying armored vehicles to the streets of the capital, Harare. Analysts say it appears to be the climax of a power struggle between liberation-era figures loyal to the country’s ousted vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa and forces faithful to First Lady, Grace Mugabe, wife of Robert Mugabe who is seen as vying to succeed her 93-year-old husband. The events on Tuesday 21st November, 2017 led to Robert Mugabe’s resignation as the president of Zimbabwe, ending his 37-year reign. Bro. Iginla however, noted that he is not particular about the removal of Mugabe but that the right person should take charge. He further commended the military for not staging a coup but simply intervening according to the message God gave to him concerning the crisis. Interestingly, Bro. Iginla’s emergence has a leading prophetic voice in the world today was not over night. One of his shocking predictions which shook Africa was in December 31, 2014 when during a live service said the unpopular party in Zambia’s forthcoming election, Patriotic Front whose candidate is Lungu would emerge winner. The prophecy generated a heated controversy with many waiting to prove that the man of God was a liar. Undaunted, he said he can’t change it since it was God’s voice. And he was proved right. Lungu is now the President of Zambia. He also predicted the attack on his (Lungu’s) health which came to pass according to his word. Also, Iginla was the first prophet to have warned Nigerians about the invasion of the deadly disease, Ebola.

Astounding Birthday Celebration in Israel!!

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It was a bumper package of surprises this afternoon as I was hosted alongside my team, by the Hon. Minister of Tourism of Israel, Yarin Levin, ably represented by Rabbi David Louis.

He thanked us for coming to the great Nation of Israel, and to the Covenant land, Jerusalem pricesly. The Rabbi admonished us on oneness, togetherness and love in the body of Christ.

Rabbi David Louis, later broadened our minds on the history of the wailing wall and other notables sites in the Holy land of Israel.
Birthday songs and Special numbers as directed by the Hon. Minister were sang and taught.

The high point of the birthday party was the presentation of three different Awards by the Hon. Minister to Bro Joshua Iginla and a special letter of recognition from the Ministry of Tourism. Each participant to the Holy Land also received letter of participant from the office of the Minister.
What a wonderful experience so far…

God Bless the Nation of Israel

-Bro. Joshua Iginla